Electronic Warfare Specialist (SIGN4L) is preparing to launch a combined anti-drone system this year, the first to be developed in partnership with Israeli companies specializing in space industries (Israel Aerospace Industries,), according  to Defense News

The Emirati company also completed its first energy-intensive laser operating model, in partnership with European company MBDA and French company Cilas.

According to the site, these measures, taken by a subsidiary of the Emirates Edge group, can help develop capabilities that include the design, production and exploitation of this technology locally for the interception of drones.

“The UAE’s cooperation with European and Israeli companies will increase its knowledge in this area and help develop its own system in the future,” said Jean-Marc Rickley, a source at the Geneva Center for Security Policy. .

He added that “laser requires advanced technology, and there are many companies that provide technology to combat drones, and UAE companies will be among them . 

Arming drones with weapons has become a “cheap and efficient way” to attack forces and infrastructure, especially in the Middle East, “according to the website.

The first phase of the powerful laser system that SIGN4L is building in collaboration with MBDA and Silas includes the construction of a “platform” in the field.

“The MoU allows SIGN4L to design a complete anti-drone system, consisting of electronic sensors for detection and high-energy lasers to neutralize drone threats,” said Walid al-Masmari, deputy director of programs in electronics, warfare and intelligence at EDGE. After the establishment of a platform on the ground, the system will be developed and created in addition to the air and sea platforms.

With this integrated protection system, sensor data is collected from various sources and immediately analyzed. It also contains disruptive technologies and focused energy weapons like lasers, which allow its users to locate, track and intercept drones.

Detection and surveillance operations depend on radars that allow frequency surveillance, as well as infrared cameras and sensors.

Al-Masmari explained that the defense system’s capabilities range from light targets, which include “disrupting the first radio, disrupting the global positioning system (GPS), and taking over or disabling the drone. “

Source: https://www.jforum.fr/les-eau-et-israel-vont-developper-un-systemes-anti-drone.html

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