Former UK Secretary of State for Defense and former UK Secretary of State for International Trade Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox MP and Group Executive Director Laura Roberts will sign on behalf of the UK Abraham Accords Group.

Dr. Fox heads a delegation of British parliamentarians to see first-hand the impact of the Abrahamic Agreements on trade and industry, as well as on religious and cultural cooperation.

Israeli co-founder and CEO Amit Deri and Dr. Magued Al Sarrah will sign on behalf of Sharaka. Speeches will be delivered by Dr. Fox and Dr. Al Sarrah, as well as the museum’s founder, Ahmed Al Mansouri. The UAE Ambassador to the UK Mansour Abdullah Khalfane Belhoul, along with the UK delegation, senior members and activists from Sharaka including Director of Global Affairs Dan Fefermane, US CEO Omar Al Busaidy and the media and academic advisor, Dr. Najat Al Said, as well as personalities from the diplomatic community, government and the political community of the United Arab Emirates, and prominent members of the Jewish community of the United Arab Emirates will be in attendance.

Rt Hon MP Dr. Liam Fox said: “The UK Abrahamic Accord Group is delighted to be working with Sharaka. Our two organizations are committed to advancing the goals of the Abrahamic Accords and promoting peace and prosperity. in the Middle East. We hope that through this new partnership, we will have an impact beyond borders and spread the message of peace to all. “

Mr. Majid Al Sarrah added: “The Abrahamic Accords continue to thrive and prove that they offer a model of lasting and successful peace. Sharaka has taken the lead among non-government groups to bring people together in the name of peace and the desire to build a bright future. Seeing Sharaka signing important agreements with such a large and influential group in the UK (and previously the US) will help to strengthen the model of peace and move it forward ”.

Amit Deri said, “We are honored to sign this agreement to promote the common goal, to further promote the Abrahamic Accords and the new model of peace and partnership in the Middle East. We are happy to see the UK encouraging support from the international community, and we look forward to working with the UK Abraham Accords Group and Dr Liam Fox MP, a long-time advocate of peace and moderation in the world. region. This approach proves that dialogue and cooperation are the way to go “.

The British delegation of the Abrahamic Accord Group also consists of the Deputy Chairman of the Select Committee on International Trade and Chairman of the Committees on the Control of Arms Exports (a subcommittee of the Special Committees on International Trade, foreign affairs, international development and defense), Mark Garnier; the Parliamentary Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel, the Right Honorable Stephen Crabb; the Parliamentary Chairman of the Labor Friends of Israel MP Steve McCabe; the vice-president of the APPG on foreign affairs, Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Executive Director, UK Abraham Accord Group, Laura Roberts; and Managing Director, Pall Mall Communications, Gerard Russell.

The British Abrahamic Accord group and Sharaka agree to mutually promote economic and cultural ties between the Abrahamic Accord countries and to identify and seek ways to build on the agreements in the Middle East. In addition, these organizations will work to raise awareness of the Agreements and their positive impact in the UK.

Together, the British Abrahamic and Sharaka Accord Group will work to identify influential figures from the Abrahamic Accord countries in the media, society, academia, business and other fields, and will invite to mutual visits – Israelis in the Arab world, people from the Arab world in Israel and joint delegations in the UK. They will then seek areas of regional cooperation in various fields in order to create a significant and positive impact.

They will work to measure the impact of the new cooperation between Israel and the countries of the Abrahamic Accords; identify and pursue areas of cooperation between countries; work towards the creation of multilateral forums in the region on issues of shared importance; help communicate the importance and benefits of the agreements to a wider audience regionally and in the UK; and participate in each other’s events to help further promote the Accords and their expansion in the Middle East.

The UK Abrahamic Accord Group is a UK non-partisan, not-for-profit organization. He is dedicated to supporting the implementation and expansion of the historic Middle East peace accords known as the Abrahamic Accord. MP Rt Hon Dr. Fox was appointed to his post by the Ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel to the United Kingdom.

Sharaka, which means “partnership,” is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded by young leaders from Israel and the Gulf to make the vision of peace among peoples a reality and to encourage citizen diplomacy.

Translated by: Mervat Mahmoud.


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