Norah AlAwadhi – Emirati social media influencer who was the face of the historical peace

Norah Al Awadhi
Emirati pro-peace activist and social media influencer

A 31 year old Emirati peace activist/ social media influencer who was the face of the historical peace after the picture of her and her israeli friend (Ronny Gonen) draped in the emirati and Israel flags on the 80th floor on a skyscraper across from burj khalifa in Dubai.

Norah has never encountered or met any jewish people nor Israelis in her life. She decided then to be the friendly face and that friendly person of Jewish people and Israelis on social media and in real life. She educates people on the UAE and the moderate islam her country is spreading and showing.

Following her leadership’s footsteps and her parents Norah became a social butterfly and an open minded person to listen and to connect people on a human level. She always says says when you strip down people from their status, religion and background you are left with just a human who has a heart and a soul just like everyone else. Norah also believes people can change when having a proper conversation “even

with disagreements we can still live together” she says.

Even with disagreements we can still live together

As she also emphasizes “in the UAE we have over 200 nationalities and we all coexist and we have tolerance that is something the world can take from my home in order to gain and achieve world peace.”

Norah has been working so hard nonstop for over a year to connect people together because of her passion she was recently featured on the algemeiner Jewish 100 alongside her leaders which she says “it is an honor to have my name on the list with my leaders and on a list I didn’t know anything of, but since i am being recognized for being a human and spreading humanity following my leaders there is nothing more i could ask for.

I am happy and it makes my heart so full and warm that i can influence people and show people what my beautiful home the UAE is really about and to show the whole world what the right islam is. If you want to experience peace please visit my country the place that holds my heart my home the United Arab Emirates.”

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