Dubai is known for its extremely innovative and ingenious architectural solutions. If you are a fan of breathtaking designs or are looking for a fantastic backdrop for holiday photos, these places are a must!

Coca-Cola Arena

Coca-Cola Arena (opening soon) The
Coca-Cola Arena (also known as Dubai Arena) is the largest indoor structure for music, sporting and entertainment events. The shell-shaped arena is located in City Walk and seats 17,000 spectators. The arena slab has an area of ​​almost 4,000 m2 and its dimensions can be changed thanks to the system of lifting seats. The opening is scheduled for June this year.

Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 (Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion)

The Pavilion of Sustainable Development at Expo 2020 (Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion) (project of the future)
The Pavilion of Sustainable Development “Terra” is one of the three pavilions that will be built at Expo 2020. The pavilions will promote nature, ecology and technology. The entire area is to resemble a petal and will be inspired by the processes of photosynthesis and obtaining renewable energy from the sun and water contained in the air.

Museum of the Future

Museum of The Future (Project of the Future) The
Museum of the Future is an initiative of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rashid Al Maktum, Emir of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of UAE. It will be a facility dedicated to the future of science, technology and innovation, scheduled to open in 2020. The building’s design is one of the most complex in the world. It looks like a ring: the round shape signifies the earth and sky, while the empty space in the center symbolizes the unknown. The windows in the shape of Arabic calligraphy come from quotes by Sheikh Muhammad and are integrated into the curved facade of the building.

Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower (Dubai Creek Tower) (project of the future) The
Dubai Creek Tower is set to become a new global icon of the 21st century. The tower will be located in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbor and will be higher than Burj Khalifa. The structure that defies the laws of gravity was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a neo-futuristic Spanish architect. The design is inspired by the lily flower and traditional Arabic minarets.

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