It will be inaugurated during this summer

The Israel Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) under the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry announced on Tuesday that it will open a new economic office in Abu Dhabi.

“The office, which will be inaugurated this summer, will be responsible for relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates,” the Ministry of Economy and Industry said in a statement, consulted by the Anadolu Agency.

On behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the office will oversee the strengthening of trade and economic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and work to attract investment from the Gulf country to Tel Aviv, the same said. source, without specifying the exact date of the opening of the office.

The Abu Dhabi office will join FTA’s network of offices in more than 50 trade centers around the world, the most recent of which is in the Philippine capital, Manila, which opened last year.

“The Abu Dhabi Economic Office will be headed by Aviad Tamir, who for the past five years has headed the health and life sciences sector, within the Israel Investment Unit under the ministry. of Economy and Industry ”, we read in the same press release.

Israel wishes to develop its relations with the United Arab Emirates in the sectors of aviation, petroleum, export of renewable energies, diamonds, high technology, medical equipment, hydraulic resources, agriculture and aerospace industry.

This is part of the development of bilateral relations, after the signing of the normalization agreement between the two parties in Washington on September 15, 2020.



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