The Dubai Expo has started!! Be sure to visit the Israeli pavilion!

The United Arab Emirates launched Expo-2020 this week in Dubai with great fanfare, the first universal exhibition organized in the Middle East and the largest event on a global scale since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Israel is very present at this event. Many Israelis will visit this magnificent exhibition.

According to i24 News:

“Israel’s presence at the Dubai World Expo, which opens on Friday, is the first participation of the Jewish state in an event” of magnitude “organized by an Arab country, the spokesperson said on Monday. of the Israeli flag.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates – of which the Emirate of Dubai is a part – signed an agreement to normalize their relations in September 2020. The two countries have since increased the areas of cooperation, especially in that of trade.

“We are very happy to be here. This is the first time that the World Expo has been organized in the Middle East and the first time that Israel has participated in an event of such magnitude in an Arab state ,  said Menachem Gantz, spokesperson for the pavilion.

The latter, erected under the supervision of the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, is “made up of elements that show how much we resemble each other, such as sand for example,” he added during a visit to the forefront. first for the media ”.

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