CEO for Asia and Senior Executive Officer (DXB)
Tradewind International Servicing (FZE)

Interview with Peter Maerevoet

CEO for Asia and Senior Executive Officer (DXB) 
Tradewind International Servicing (FZE)


UAEISRAELMAG: Could you please give us a brief overview of your company and its primary activities?

Peter Maerevoet: We are a Germany-based finance organization, which provides Trade Finance solutions for all types of companies including small- and middle-market enterprises. We transact across all continents and provide bespoke factoring solutions to drive global trade.

UAEISRAELMAG: What distinguishes your company from its competitors?

Peter Maerevoet: We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. An important aspect of our process is to understand our customer and their business (including Financial needs), their operations as well as their challenges. We use our industry knowledge and experience to tailor aspects of our product to best fit our customers based on the stage that their business is in.


UAEISRAELMAG: Can you provide us with some details about your recent projects or accomplishments?

Peter Maerevoet: As you can imagine, being a Financial Institution we cannot go into details of projects however we continue to work with a number of companies (of all sizes) all around the world, all of whom attest the fact that our factoring solutions has had a positive impact on their business allowing them to scale their operations, cater to larger and more profitable orders and also enter new markets which in turn has helped their business grow

UAEISRAELMAG:  What message would you like to convey to our readers through this interview?

Peter Maerevoet: Tradewind has a 20+ yrs. of history in the Trade Finance space with offices in 12 countries around the world. We have experience in most industries like Metals, Packaging, Textile, Seafood to name a few. We would be excited to support all businesses working within both the UAE and Israel with their export finance needs

UAEISRAELMAG:  How do you believe you can contribute to the relationship between the UAE and Israel?

Peter Maerevoet: Tradewind can support companies exporting both out of Israel and out of the UAE to customers all around the world and provide them with working capital solutions which would help them minimize risk, diversify their funding sources and improve cash flow

Tradewind International Servicing (FZE)
+971 4 359 8803
SAIF Suite X3-43, PO Box 9384, Sharjah, UAE

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